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Nothing new here

It is generic and perfect, creating a false memory of a place that does not exist, layered in construction, partly transparent and square, primarily known for in near darkness, in the black mirror of a computer screen, systematically goes through them and reshapes them, reconfigures them, sculpts them in a way, from an urge to highlight the invisible connection between actions and consequences, to generate and animate compositions halfway between minimalism, conceptual art and geometric abstraction, to utilize the internet and new media tools to coordinate empowerment of the masses, to be sent to someone you love. Nothing new here.

Curated by David Quiles Guillo (Spain, 1973)

Founder of THE WRONG New Digital Art Biennale (since 2013) and ABSTRACT EDITIONS (since 2015). In recent past David founded the arts festival NOVA Contemporary Culture, based in São Paulo (2010-2012) and the pioneer textless visual art magazine ROJO, based in Barcelona (2001-2011) among many other projects. A cultural juggernaut on powerhouse mode, David unfolds daily as a project leader, creative director & curator for old and new media, writer, speaker, artist, book publisher, musician, editor, creative consultant, art director, cultural programmer, communication strategist, film director, graphic designer, amateur coder, researcher, interior designer, future theorist, copywriter, sustainable energy expert, house keeper, casual cook, dish washer, gardener, pool cleaner, siesta sensei, husband and father of two amazing girls.