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11 hours ago - SOOOO OMG, this is like crazy. I swear the world has gone mad fml. And Im totally getting spots, just in time for xmas dance #soovertoday. Kendall tweeted about this 2-ingredient acne fighting face mask which is SO easy so Im gonna get my mom to buy me some. Im gonna look LIT for this wknd. No one can beat me and Rachel and our squad and if you think you can your wrong. squad goals AF. My dad said on fleek to me today and omg I died for him. So OLLLDDDD so wrongg

When did teenagers communicate better than us, to seek and define trends better than us, and to have access to as much knowledge as they can eat faster than us? Being a teenager is difficult, but its also one of the most powerful positions in modern society - we shouldnt underestimate their capabilities. Through the fog of celebrity culture, fad trends and product placement is a coherent superpower getting ready to aim and fire its collective contemporary knowledge; and if were not careful, well not only get left behind, we will be shot in the foot. Lets not spite our nose to save our face.

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