Website Seeing brings you the best virtual site-seeing experience of World Wide Web in a nicely curated, exclusive and weekly 5 minute automatic virtual tour. The tour will take you on a wonderful online tour, where you could enjoy the sites, admiring the scenery and moving to the next site.

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curated by Filippo Lorenzin

Your activity on the internet is shaped by the tools you use to navigate it. The experience of visiting a website with a brand new 1,000$ laptop can't be matched by the way you display it on a cheap refurbished 2011 smartphone. A website, as much as any other design product, is developed in order to appeal a specific target of the public; if you want to engage with as many users as possible, you'll make a product that doesn't require too many requirements to fulfil. In other words, your work will be available for the many if the conditions bar is lowered. This is a pivotal aspect of internet art. Who is supposed to explore your online work? What technical requirements do they need to experience the project in the way you envisioned it? Must they have an overpowered device or a super fast internet connection to fully enjoy it? Do you presume that only the ones owning such machinery possess the theoretical background to understand your project? The Wrong Biennale aims to give a glimpse into the digital art scene and when works are not meant to be displayed on poor or slow devices, questions concerning inclusivity must be raised. STILL LOADING is a selection of works and pavilions that will make your laptops and smartphones crash, slow and glitch. It will help you to guess if youre among the public for which internet art is made or if you don’t have the requirements to take part in it.